Wood Fencing in Overland Park, Kansas

Fencing is an important part of landscaping for many homeowners. Fencing provides border lines for property, it keeps pets safely within the boundaries of their home, and in many cases, it provides security. Fencing is not only functional but has the potential to add beauty to the landscape. If you’re considering adding a fence to your property, inquire with the fencing company overland park ks.

Wood Fencing

Fencing comes in many varieties. Depending on its function, fencing can be bought in many materials. If made from wood, the most common varieties are spruce, pine, cedar, cypress and redwood. Wood is always treated to sealants to protect the wood from rot, pests and weather damage. Cedar and redwood are resistant to decay naturally, while spruce and pine are pressure treated to resist decay and to deter insects.

Component Fencing

Wood fencing requires some maintenance; it must be stained or painted from time to time, usually within a few years. Wood fencing is built in the form of component fencing, which takes each piece and secures it onsite to the actual fence and/or ground. This technique allows the builder to follow the contours of the ground with the shape of hills and valleys being closely followed. A method called racking allows this close alignment to the ground’s shape.

Pre-assembled Panel Fencing

This type of fencing will not be able to closely follow the contours of the land, but it can mimic the shape somewhat by incorporating a technique called ‘stair stepping’.
Stair-stepping allows the panels of fencing to be placed higher or lower than the previous panel to follow the landscape’s contour. You’ll see similar types of panels in wood, aluminum and metal along many perimeters.

Types of Wood Panel Fencing

Shadow box fencing is a type of fence that places a panel of wood facing one direction on one side and a panel of wood facing the opposite direction on the other side. The look is the same on both sides of the fence. The fence offers a very limited view through the panels because they are so close together. Solid panel fencing is a type of fencing where the construction is frequently used to create privacy as they are solid panels without any view into the interior of the property. Privacy fences are made from panels 6 to 8 feet long and 4 to 6 feet high. These panels are secured into the ground with pickets between each panel. The images of picket fencing have dominated American imaginations for decades since the popular promotion of the American Dream as epitomized by Ozzie and Harriet and other 50’s family shows. These fences may be used to contain pets and delineate property lines. They usually stand no taller than 4 feet. Split-rail fencing is a type of fencing used to surround ranches and many homes in rural communities giving that wholesome look to a property. The fencing has horizontal rails stacked with several inches between each rail, secured by posts every eight to eleven feet.

Wood fencing is a beautiful way to provide a landscaping detail to your property. It can also serve as a way to keep your pets or livestock within your property lines. When built in solid panels, the wood fence can protect your privacy quite well. A wooden fence can perform many duties, most commonly it’s used to define your property lines.