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Deciding If You Should Get Decks or Patios for Your Backyard

The most typical choices of creating an outdoor space in your home will be to select between having a patio and having a deck. If you really get into the bottom of things, you will see that the purpose of having patios and decks is more or less the same. Generally, what makes patios different from decks and vice versa is the materials used to construct them.

For patio flooring, it is typically made of stones and concrete. For these kinds of materials, you will not be having a lot of hard time keeping them well maintained. If you talk about decks on the other hand, their flooring looks like that which is used in boat decks. This means that they are typically made of wooden platforms that are elevated between a few inches or several feet from the ground. How elevated they are will have to depend on the yard’s terrain as well as the design preference of the home owner.

Wood, however, requires more regular care in comparison to what most patio flooring options are. Furthermore, you might be spending more with wood in the long run. Some of the most common reasons why this is so is because as your wood flooring grows older, you will be taking good care of them more and you also have to have them undergo some special treatment to keep it protected from the rain and sun. Also, wood is the number one material for getting cracks and being infested by termites. With all these termite infestation and cracks, you can surely expect that your foundation will get weakened more. This is most definitely true when these things have already been going on with your wood and you just noticed them recently.

Since patios are mostly made of concrete, they do not need that much attention in the same way as your decks would. Once your patios are installed, you need not think about keeping them well maintained in the long run. Dusting and sweeping are basically the two things that you will just have to do routinely with your patios. You might want to pain your patio floors once in a while to make them look more appealing. No matter what, your patios will just be same whether you decide to have it painted or not.

Generally, the things just mentioned above are what make patios different from decks. But then, if you want to achieve a more relaxing atmosphere outside, there is no doubt that both patios and decks can offer you such. You may want to spend your free time reading your favorite book sipping your favorite drink or just take an afternoon nap or even entertain some of your house guests outside. With patios and decks, you are basically hitting two birds with one stone by attaining the comfort you get inside of your home while feeling the fresh air and seeing nature outside.

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