Making Positive Changes in Waste Disposal and Removal

Over the last five decades, the focus on the environment has significantly changed. Concerns over the buildup of trash and environmental hazards in residential and commercial areas has become a central focus. Over this time period, the EPA and several non-profit environmental groups have become the watchdogs for protecting the planet from improper waste disposal.

The Beginning of Change

Previous to the 1970’s, several high-profile cases made headlines with people becoming sick and the environment damaged from serious infractions by improper removal of waste and refuse. That is why in the 1970’s, there was a big push to end the rampant problem of public littering. This effort included Public Service Announcements and fines for littering in public areas.

Additionally, in 1970 the Founding of National Earth Day began. It is now celebrated and honored every April twenty-second in America. This day has become an important time when people across the country get involved for the betterment of the planet in park cleanups and tree plantings.

These changes were followed by stricter laws and mandates in towns across the country and new laws were passed to increase state and federal land protections. This also resulted in a big change that created a backlash on companies for improper disposal of waste. Activism for a cleaner planet became significant and the focus on the impacts of humans on the environment and the earth came to the forefront.

Making a Positive Impact

Today, there are hundreds of environmental groups that work on local, state, national and international levels to strive to keep our world cleaner and environmentally cared for. However, keeping our planet clean and sustainable is a big task. This is especially true in urban areas that tend to have a much more complicated environmental footprint. But the efforts to ensure that all refuse is removed properly is a vital one.

Whether it is for a business, manufacturer, home renovation or construction site, having proper disposal of any refuse is critical to maintaining a cleaner environment. That is why the use of dumpsters for waste disposal has become a primary way for safe and clean trash removal. This is true in both urban and suburban areas throughout the country.

Certainly, keeping the earth free and clear from improper waste removal is a big task beyond the limits of local environments. However, each effort to keep the planet cleaner is a big step in the right direction. Improper waste and refusing disposal affect both the quality of life for humans and wildlife. The good news is through the use of dumpster refuse services, more companies and construction sites are able to conform to cleaner environmental standards. Many dumpster rentals chicago il residents and businesses have become a vital part of these efforts. The containers significantly help keep the city and its surrounding areas cleaner and safer for its residents, workers and the environment.

The Future of a Cleaner Environment

Everyone can learn better ways to manage their environmental footprint. With the continued effort by businesses and individuals, the planet has a much better chance of properly removing waste and keeping the earth eco-friendly.

The future of waste disposal looks bright. New ways to remove and neutralize waste are being created and implemented across the country and the world. The biggest way to ensure the planet is well cared for is through finding better ways to live without a negative ecological impact. The process of creating more environmentally safe ways to live is underway across the planet one environmental project at a time.