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The Basic and Proper Procedure of Mold Removal

It is a fact that the presence of mold in the house or in a commercial building can result into poor air quality and health problems. Once mold is visibly detected, regardless of what type it is, it must be immediately removed, if possible by professional specialists from a mold removal company. Be very cautious of mold specialists that would insist that a pre-testing procedure must be conducted first to confirm mold presence when it is plain to see that mold is thriving inside your home.

It is also equally important that in order to understand fully the mold removal process, one should have an insight awareness about mold. Mold is a microscopic spore that exists everywhere, outdoors and indoors, by floating along in the air and, thus, can enter through the windows, doors, air-con/heating unit, or can rest on clothing or on a pet. Its presence can also be felt coming from its strong, musty odor. By keeping indoor humidity below 45%, this will help prevent any mold growth as mold thrives well when there is moisture or existing source of water.

A small mold can easily be eliminated using ordinary household cleaning agents; however, if mold presence is already many and are in colonies, it is best that you hire a professional mold removal company to eliminate the mold and take preventive measures in permanently removing its presence as mold can badly affect the lungs and immune system when exposed to it in a long term basis. Basically, there are 5 steps to successfully removing mold: safety, assessment, contamination control, source removal, and moisture removal.

It is basic procedure to introduce safety measures such as wearing protective gear by the workers while house occupants must leave and stay out of the house during the treatment period. Assessment procedure involves documenting before and after treatment of areas in the house that have been infested by mold as well as giving recommendations as to what should be done to treat the infested area. Controlling the spread of mold in areas where there is no existing mold or less contaminated is known as contamination control. Physically removing the mold at its source is the best and effective treatment for the mold to be eliminated in the area; therefore, this process may entail removal of a mold-infested carpet, removing an infested drywall, and others. Finally, by addressing the problem of moisture, which is the cause of the mold presence, the entire house will be free of mold, therefore, this can take the removal and repair of places in the house where there is always a moisture leakage. Using the HEPA (High Efficiency particulate Air) air scrubber, any airborne mold spores in the house can be further eliminated.

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