Can Those Big Dimensions of Conex Boxes Be Used for Living?

The Conex boxes were developed more than 50 years ago for the needs of the US Army in Korea. They are now being used for much more than army needs.

People love them because of their great dimensions. They use them for much more than just transporting stuff inside. The standard dimensions of them are 20, and 40 feet. See more about dimensions here: On this page, you can also learn more about what to do with these big guys called shipping boxes.

The 20-feet box is an interesting product. It can be used for a lot of different needs. Some first-aid organizations use them for making excellent on-site ambulances where people can be treated. They are very easy to transport and so easy to be adjusted for any kind of need.

The areas being hit by storms, floods, fires, and other disasters will find great use of them. People that need help can be treated fast and easy because this kind of box has a small but completely enough space to hold two people at a time. There’s a place for a nursery bed and for storing some of the equipment needed for the thing.

Another great feature is that it is durable and waterproof. Just a little AC can keep the temperature to an optimal level and there’s nothing from the outside that can do damage to the people inside.

These boxes are also great for creating on-site offices for some need, boots for promotion, selling cards, or anything that needs to be placed somewhere today, but tomorrow will need to be taken to another place. After all, the Conex box’s main point is to provide easy transport of all kinds of things.

40-feet containers usually travel overseas. From one continent to another, they can take quite a hit. One of the most durable items in the world is these Conex boxes. Since they are made in the USA, you know that you can trust them. See more about the American manufacturing and why it is among the best ones in the world on this link.

Most of the other shipping containers are made in China. We all know what kind of reputation products coming from there have. These are made from American hands and are probably the best ones in the world.

A large 40-feet box is suitable for almost anything. Being this long and 8 feet wide with up to 9.6 feet tall, this kind of container can be used for anything you could possibly want.

A lot of people buy these giants for building their own houses. On the market, you can find them for a very fair price. The same dimensions in a standard house can cost as much as 10 times more. Some people simply love creating their own homes and they buy these kinds of things to remodel them just the way they want.

It’s really easy to do this if you have some tools. The standard box is usually sealed from all sides except one. That one is still not made with a standard door where people can get in but can be used for many different reasons if you have the proper ideas in your mind.

This kind of a large container can be used for other things too. As we said for the smaller dimensions, this one can also be used as an outside office. Many companies that need to have offices in places where it’s unsuitable to build standard structures take these things and remodel them.

The best thing is no one realizes it not a standard house until they ask about it. A little paint, some window installation, and a standard door will do the job. The people inside can feel cool by the use of an AC and no one will know they are staying in a place that’s not built from scratch or even has foundations.

This is one of the issues why some people love reusing these things. A house can be torn apart from an earthquake or a tornado. Only the construction weights over 5.000 pounds. When you place furniture and other things inside it can go up to 15.000. This is something that a tornado will have a hard time picking up. Even if it does, it can only remove it from one place to another very close. Learn more about tornados here.

That means your house won’t be destroyed. IT can suffer some damage but nothing that can’t be fixed. On the other hand, you’ll need thousands of dollars for fixing a torn-off roof of a standard house. With that kind of money, you can buy a new or even two new containers that you can remodel.

Also, when you choose this thing as your new home, you can order it and ask for the carriers to deliver it where ever you want it. Let’s say you want a cabin in the woods. No problem, the truck delivering it will only need a road to get there. Even if there’s no proper road for a large truck to get there, you can always hire some special vehicle to take it where you want it.

Forget about building, this is affordable, safe, and you get to take care of the environment by reusing something that others will throw in the garbage. Keeping the planet safe should be one of the objectives of every modern person.


As you can see, the Conex boxes can be used appropriately even if their time in service has passed. A standard container lasts more than a decade but even then it can be very useful for some other needs. Like creating a house out of it, as shown.

They retire the boxes because it’s risky to keep them in the business. A small problem can ruin a lot of the goods being transported and then the commissions are huge. Businessmen prefer new containers instead of paying for damages.