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The Merits Of The Maca Root

Lepidium meyenii is the scientific name of the maca plant and is also sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng. This medicinal plant hails for the mountains of Peru and grows under harsh conditions. It is mostly consumed in powder form mixed in with smoothies and sweet treats and has a ton of benefits. Find below some merits of the maca root.

The maca root is highly nutritiously and this is one of its merits. Vitamins like Vitamin C and minerals like iron and copper are found in this plant. It is a good source of proteins and carbs and is low in fat. Fiber is also present in the plant. There also is some bioactive plant compounds like polyphenols and glucosinolates in there as well. This plant is very nutritious and is therefore very good for the body.

Another benefit is that it has been found to increase libido. Libido levels are known to decline in adults over time and this is a problem many are grappling with all over the world. This plant has been very effective increasing libido among adults and this has actually been backed up with a lot of research. Both male and female users of this herb have had their sexual desires increase upon using the maca root within six weeks of ingestion.

Menopausal symptoms are not pleasant at all, this is why most women have a hard time during this time of their lives. Most women will have hot flashes and even lack of sleep. The maca root is said to improve these symptoms significantly and improve how these women sleep. It is also said to help with the bone because during this season of life, women are prone to osteoporosis which affects the bones.

Anxiety is very common today but the good news is that the maca root works against this. Because it works for anxiety, depression, and mood swings are also taken care of. You will find that this is also mainly for women in menopause because these conditions are prevalent among menopausal women.

Women are very careful about their skin, ultraviolet rays of the sun are a big concern because they have a bad effect on the skin. When applied to the skin, this maca root is said to protect against these harmful rays by acting as sunscreen. Maca, therefore, acts as a sunscreen and protects against both wrinkles and worse effects like skin cancer.

Last but not least, the maca root is known to increase strength by improving muscle buildup. Endurance is very important for athletes, the maca root not only increases endurance, but it also boosts energy, therefore, improving performance significantly.

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